Youth Rocks


A band specially curated from talented local musicians. Featuring Samuel Griffin, GeorgeBoydon, Steven Young and Bradley Baker

Samuel started playing drums nearly 18 months ago and enjoys playing as an individual and as part of a group. He went to his first concert last year to see his favourite group, Imagine Dragons. He also sings in the school choir and chamber choir and enjoys performing as part of Vivo D’Arte Theatre School.

George is 11 years’ old and has been learning guitar for just over three years, regularly playing both electric guitar and bass, and has recently started learning the drums too. He has performed at various school performances and also played ‘Stairway to Heaven’ during the youth hour at last years Music in the Park.

Steven Young is 11 years’ old and is keen to perform on the Youth Hour acoustic stage at Music in the Park.  He will be performing on his guitar – Sweet Child O Mine (Guns and Roses) – with the youth hour band, and his solo performance will be a rendition of Samba Pati.

Bradley is 12 years’ old and has been learning guitar for the last five years and has regular lessons with John Reid-Hansen. He also enjoys singing and bringing the two together. He recently started secondary school and has huge support from the music teachers at Lord Williams’s School.

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